Spencer Solves It: Motorized wheelchair donated to help man affected by Harvey

HOUSTON – It’s a typical Monday and Joe Reyes is just trying to get to the grocery store.

It’s not going well, it will take him more than hour to walk two blocks.

“This is my only way of getting around. It’s hard,” Reyes said, stumbling along slowly with the aid of a walker.

You see, ever since Hurricane Harvey, Joe has struggled to go anywhere.

That’s because his only mode of transportation, his Jazzy motorized power chair, was destroyed by floodwaters when his apartment flooded out.

“When I have to go catch the bus, it takes me forever. Almost an hour to get down to Layton Avenue because my power chair is useless,” Reyes said.

We first profiled Reyes on Channel 2 News last Friday.

We told our viewers how he had applied to the American Red Cross for help, but never got it.

After that story, our loyal viewers started stepping in to help.

And right away, we at Spencer Solves It located a like-new, $3,000 power chair.

It’s a Shop Rider power chair to be exact, donated to us by Scott Ahl and his mother Jane Ahl from Cypress.

Now, Spencer is delivering the beautiful chair to Joe personally.

First, he gave it a thorough detailing job, wiping the entire chair down and buffing it out.

Now, we present to the chair to Joe and he can barely believe his eyes.

“It’s a Cadillac compared to my old chair. Now it won’t take me two hours to travel a couple blocks any longer,” Reyes said.

For Reyes, those days of stumbling and falling to the ground, trying to walk down the street in his wobbly walker are over.

At last he has his freedom back.

“I am surprised. You all have done more than a lot, more than a lot. I really appreciate it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Reyes said.

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