5 things you didn't know about the Astros fan in batting gear

HOUSTON – An Astros fan wearing batting gear is going viral after cameras spotted him in the The American League Championship Series Game 7.

That man, Moustapha El-Hakam, was good luck for the team. 

He won’t be in Los Angeles Wednesday night, but he says he’s ready for Game 3 on Friday. 

1.    He wasn’t looking for attention.
"I wasn't even thinking I was going to get captured by any cameras at all. My phone just blew up. People were like, ‘Hey dude you're on television,’" El-Hakam told KPRC.

2.    He’s got big baseball dreams.
El-Hakam said he was ready if the Astros needed him in the lineup. 
“(In) the odd event that someone needs me to bat, believe me – you know every childhood dream, it’s captured in every childhood dream, you want to get out there and play baseball," he said.

3.    His madness has a method.
El-Hakam only puts on the batting gear when the Astros are up to bat in order to conjure up some mojo for the team.

4.    His batting gloves and helmet were his son’s.
El-Hakam coaches his son’s little league team. His son said it was so cool that his batting gloves and hat were on TV.

5.    He loved the internet memes about the moment. 
El-Hakam said his favorite meme online with his photo is, “Put me in, coach!”

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