Court battle underway over eviction notices for senior living center

HOUSTON – A court battle is still brewing over homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Residents of 2100 Memorial, a senior living facility, are asking a judge to let them stay in their apartments while repairs are made to the building. 

Residents said their apartments are livable and argue that only the bottom floor suffered damage during Harvey.  

The landlord of Houston Housing Authority said the building is uninhabitable. Houston Housing Authority argues that the building suffered electrical and water damage making it dangerous for residents to stay there.

HHA offered housing alternatives to residents and many people had decided to relocate.

According to one resident, about 60 people remain in the building.

In all, about two-dozen residents lined the courtroom seats as attorneys made their arguments.

One resident took to the stand and gave emotional testimony about finding out they were being evicted.

The resident said she found out through a notice on her door that they had five days to leave. She said, "I was devastated. I was shocked. It scared me to death. What was I going to do?"

The woman testified that it sent her into a spiral of depression.

The time frame was eventually extended for residents. 

Now, it will be up to a judge to decide if people can remain at the facility while repairs are being made.

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