Who is this mystery man? Galveston woman begins search to find apparent veteran's identity

HOUSTON – Angel Tinnon’s search for a children’s book for her step-daughter at a Galveston Goodwill has morphed into a search of an entirely different kind. 

Inside a book Tinnon had her eye on, she found two photos.

“I was just shopping at Goodwill in the book section and when I opened up the book, these pictures fell out,” Tinnon said. 

Both pictures featured the same young man: In one photo, he wore in a military uniform, and in the other, he wore a suit.

Now, Tinnon is trying to figure out who the mystery man is and when the pictures were taken. 

The only other clues offered from the photos are an old-style phone in the background and a couple of numbers on the back of the photos.

Tinnon has since taken to Facebook in hopes of finding the rightful owner of the pictures.

She says she's moved to do something because her own father served in the military, and she'd want others to do the same for her.

“Anybody who could be related to this man would recognize him, so that way they can go back to the family,” Tinnon said. “I’m sure that they would want pictures like these. I know I would.”

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