Meet the family of the child who tried to catch Carlos Correa's Game 2 home run

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HOUSTON – If you were watching the Astros game on Saturday, or saw any of the highlights, you probably remember Carlos Correa's home run in the fourth inning.

You probably also remember the young fan who nearly caught the ball and the ensuing debate: Did 12-year-old Carson Riley interfere with the game?

Officials said no.

While the world has focused in on that moment, the full story for Carson and his family began exactly four weeks earlier.

“He was fun. He loved to live life. Goofy. Always making jokes,” said Amanda Riley of her son Michael Cade Riley.

On Sept. 16, 15-year-old Cade was headed out to his favorite activity, fishing, when an ATV accident claimed his life.

“He went that way a thousand times and never did I think,” Amanda said.

Before his death, going to sporting events was a regular family activity. It was something his mother was hesitant to do without him.