Spencer Solves It: Family of 6 loses instruments in Harvey

HOUSTON – They are a group of six incredibly brave children whose parents were told from day one they probably were not going to make it.

Their genetic defects were just too severe to survive for very long.

“We were told they were not going to thrive, maybe not survive, would not be able to walk or run or play,” said Daniel Brown, the children's father.

The doctors were wrong, Daniel and Beverly Brown adopted all six and made it their mission to give each of the struggling children a life worth living.

But now the Browns are facing a new challenge.

Residents of Friendswood, the Browns lost everything they own to floodwaters after Hurricane Harvey.

“Everything that goes into a home is gone … . It was destroyed,” Beverly said.

That includes all of the musical instruments that each of the kids -- Geronimo, Lilia, Rudy, Ceasar, Matilda Rose and Xander -- all of them born with severe disabilities,have spent years learning to play.

For these kids, their greatest joy has always been performing in front of people, playing their music.

But that is all over, at least for now.

The instruments are ruined.

Now Spencer Solves It is going to work, teaming up with the huge-hearted folks at Guitar Center on Westheimer at Dunvale.

With Guitar Center’s help, we are going to replace every single instrument lost in the floodwaters, including a drum set, a violin, a harmonica, a rain stick, an accordion, an electric guitar, a keyboard and a piano.

“This is just something we have to do for such an amazing group of children who have battled so much in their lives," said Ryan Salinas, of Guitar Center.

The Brown children had no clue about the big surprise that was in store for them. They though they had been brought to Guitar Center just to perform for us.

“I told you we were just bringing you here to play those instruments, but in fact these are your instruments, all brand-new and ready to take home,” Spencer told the family.

The Browns were flabbergasted.

“I’m amazed at the graciousness of people,” Beverly said.

“Thank you. It’s all I can say. I am without words. Thank you,” Daniel said.

Now the Brown family can go back to what they love most, performing together as a family.

If you need our help, Spencer Solves It is here for you.

You can call us at 713-223-TIPS, or you can email us at solvesit@click2houston.com.

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