Fans excited about Astros Game 2 victory


HOUSTON – Astros fans were celebrating after a big win in the ALCS, taking down the New York Yankees in Game 2.

“The game was incredible. Best baseball game I’ve ever seen in the ninth inning. Verlander pitched 125 pitches and Altuve and Correa came through. We had a blast,” Astros fan Andy Kopel said.

“Awesome game. ‘Stros came through. Right at the end. Verlander was the man,” Joel Burtill said.

Justin Verlander was on the mound for nine innings.

“Verlander was amazing. Great. We love them all. Go Astros,” another fan said.

It was a huge party at Minute Maid Park after the game that ended with a hit from Carlos Correa.

“This is the game ball. The one Correa hit,” Astros fan Matt Turner said.

Turner said he caught that winning ball.

“They hit it and threw it over the net. Just lucky. Caught it,” Turner said. “I caught it with a phone in my hand.”

The series now heads to the Bronx and Yankees fans were not worried.

“We got to make plays and cut down on strike outs. Simple baseball,” said Yankees fan Dominic Finning. “We’re gonna win. We’re fine. We’ve been here before. We’re alright.”

Game 3 is set for Monday in New York.

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