Astros train conductor for 17 years ready for ALCS

HOUSTON – If you've been at an Astros game for a home run or a win in the past 17 years, you know all about the train at Minute Maid Park that the train is operated by Bobby Vasquez.

"I was an intern here in the 2000 season and the position came open," Vasquez said.  "I got over my fear of heights and, you know, 17 years later, here I am."

Vasquez, who lives in Galena Park, is known by many as "Bobby Dynamite."

He invited KPRC 2 aboard the Minute Maid train and we learned he's not just the conductor, he's one of the Astros' biggest fans.

"The Astros, they're my ride or die," Vasquez said. "So, it's not just pushing the fans along to celebrate. I'm celebrating right there with them. It's just that I've got a big train to drive across the ballpark."

The train sits about 90 feet above the playing surface in the outfield. Vasquez said although he's much more comfortable on the ground, his job has taken his excitement for and loyalty to his favorite team and fellow fans to new levels.

 "Getting to do this. Yeah, I wouldn't say I'm over my fear of heights but I just don't think about it because I'm at the ballgame doing what I love," Vasquez said.

 Vasquez said in the 17 years he's been conducting the train, he's only missed 13 Astros home games. He was out for awhile after he had a car accident and another time to attend his grandmother's funeral.

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