Mayde Creek High teachers help kick start mega online Hurricane Harvey donation center

HOUSTON – Talk about the power of social media, the power of the human spirit, and the will to put it all together.

We are talking about teachers, administrators, students and families from Mayde Creek High School, all coming together to turn one small idea into a huge success.

"It was such a shock because it started as such a small thing so when it grew so quickly it was shocking," said Mayde Creek teacher Sally Barnes, who helped start donation center.

What started out as a small simple idea between a few teachers to help students and their families affected by Hurricane Harvey turned into an mega online donation center with the newly created Amazon wish list going viral.

"I got to thinking what else can I do? What else will my students need? Maybe not now but later on down the road. And so, I started talking to another teacher who had this idea to create an Amazon wish list," said Mayde Creek High School teacher Wendy Pierce, who helped start donation center.

The thought was to create a "take what you need box."

Students could grab what they need and be on their way. But they started sharing the word online and realized it was bigger than ever. Donations started pouring in, hundreds of boxes of diapers, baby wipes, cleaning supplies, towels, fans, school supplies, all going to about 1,900 families who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

"You take for granted those things that you use every day like a hair brush or like a tooth brush, those things when you are flooded you lose all of those items. We wanted to be able to provide those for our students and our families," said Assistant Principal Jonathon Gutierrez. 

You can still donate to the Amazon wish list.

The school is in need of cleaning supplies.

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