Houston couple who lost wedding ring shortly after I-dos receive unexpected gift

Robert Weiss/Lake Travis Scuba

HOUSTON – A Houston couple is getting a beloved piece of jewelry back after they thought it may be lost forever. 

Nathalie and Jesse White were married on Sept. 9 in Austin and celebrated their wedding on a Lake Travis barge with their family and friends, KXAN reported.  

However, just 24 hours after exchanging vows, Jesse White realized something was very wrong – he didn’t have his ring. 

He told KXAN he knew where it was – in the lake. 

It was. 

Nearly a month to the day after the couple said their I-dos, they got a call from a diver who had found the ring. 

The diver was Texas Department of Public Safety officer Aaron Grigsby. He was diving for fun with Lake Travis Scuba and spotted the 14-karat white gold ring about 25 feet down on a rock ledge.

The 14-karat white gold wedding band was engraved on the inside “N&J 9-9-2017.”

With some sleuthing and some guessing, Grigsby found the couple’s wedding registry online and contacted the couple.

Overjoyed, the couple is making arrangements with Lake Travis Scuba to pick up the ring in Austin and thank those involved in the ring’s recovery.

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