Family of local man killed in Las Vegas shooting: 'He just loved being happy'

DICKINSON, Texas – The Las Vegas shooting was much more than a national tragedy for one family in Dickinson, Texas, southeast of Houston.

“I just wanted to be that person who saved him,” said Meghan Ervin as she held back tears.

Her brother, Cameron Robinson, was one of the 58 victims.

Robinson, 28, was a legal records specialist for the city of Las Vegas. He attended the country music festival with his boyfriend of four years, Bobby Eardley.

“I’m just so glad he didn’t die alone,” Cameron’s mother, Trina Gray, said. “He just loved being happy, and he was finally happy.”

Trina was already mourning the loss of her mother, who died unexpectedly in September. Robinson called her regularly to help her cope.

“He's just amazing and it just hurts so bad. I can't even breathe sometimes,” Ervin said. “I looked up to him even though he was my little brother.”

Amid all the despair, the family has also been inspired by the memory of Robinson’s many acts of love and kindness.

"I have no more anger anymore. None. I can't,” Ervin said. “I just want to be happy and hug my kids and be with my husband and my mom, and just start breathing and know that we just got to go on.”

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