Burglars steal $10K of equipment from Hockley business

HOCKLEY, Texas – Take a close look at the surveillance video that shows a pair of crooks stealing thousands of dollars' worth of construction equipment.

It happened early Wednesday morning at Lansdowne-Moody Co. The thieves cut through a fence and jumped a gate.

"We've got them on video where they used a giant crowbar to start testing a lot of doors, trying to get into the building," Jason Collins, the regional manager at Lansdowne-Moody Co., said.

Once inside, the duo stole over a dozen pieces of equipment.

"Chainsaws, varying sizes. And a steel cutoff saw, which is used in commercial applications. So all of this together is right at $10,000," Collins said.

WATCH: Lansdowne burglary surveillance video

This isn't the first time the company has been targeted by crooks.

They've already been hit twice this year and other times in years past.

"It's very frustrating to continue to see this happen over and over and over," Collins said.

The management, which will be putting in more security measures, is hoping someone recognizes the crooks.

It is putting up cold hard cash to help put them behind bars.

"In this case, it's a $2,500 reward to take these people off the street," said Collins.

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