Texas State University sorority criticized for 'cultural stereotyping' during event

Alpha Delta Pi members photographed wearing Native American, Mexican costumes


SAN MARCOS – A Texas State University Panhellenic sorority issued an apology after some of its members were accused of cultural appropriation and cultural stereotyping.

Alpha Delta Pi's Epsilon Zeta chapter issued the following apology on Monday:

There were some photos posted over the weekend. This has served as an important wakeup call and opportunity for reflection and growth for our chapter. We did not consider the offense it would create to appropriate another culture and see now the hurt that cultural stereotyping can cause. We deeply apologize to all whom we have offended.

The apology comes after Joseph Nicholson posted screenshots of members' Instagram posts during a big sister, little sister reveal event.

In the photos, one of the girls is seen wearing a pinata costume while the other wears a sombrero and a poncho. In the second photo, the girls are wearing Native American costume garb with a sign that says "welcome to the tribe."

The photo garnered over 1,400 retweets and 4,000 likes. Others chimed in with photos they discovered of the sorority members wearing potentially insensitive clothing.

While some expressed outrage on social media, others disagreed, saying the costumes weren't insensitive.

"You're soft as charmin if you're actually offended by these pics," one person Tweeted. "Perfectly fine photos to me."

Another person likened the costumes to participating in the annual German festival Wurstfest.

"None of y’all better come to Wurstfest this year then," one Twitter user said in response to those offended.

The university did not immediately return a request for comment Saturday evening.