Click2Daily: How one woman's loss during Harvey became an entire community's gain

HOUSTON – It's been just over a month since the most devastating hurricane in U.S. history tore through Greater Houston.

Since then, thousands of volunteers have been helping homeowners bring a sense of normalcy back to the city and lead survivors on the path to recovery. One of the groups of volunteers is Recovery Houston.

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It all started as what was supposed to be a substitute activity for a wedding party that was postponed because of Hurricane Harvey. Kat Creech was Sarah Samad and Mohsin Dhukka's wedding planner. After the couple decided that they wanted to postpone their Sept. 3 wedding, Creech had the idea of organizing the couple's wedding guests into a group of volunteers.

"It was really about the idea of taking a bride and a groom and their wedding party into an organized concept ... The idea ignited Recovery Houston, and it really allowed for complete strangers to get firsthand, to be able to help," said Creech.

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Instead of planning a wedding, she planned relief efforts. Little did she know, she found her passion and that passion would result in incredible growth. Soon 30 wedding guests turned into hundreds of volunteers from all over the country. In her search to find places where they could help, Creech ended up organizing her own volunteer organization.

"Being an event planner, we could really answer the question of, 'How do we move people? How do we make sure that we're organized?'" she said.