Houstonians head to New Orleans for hearing on 'sanctuary cities' law

HOUSTON – Senate Bill 4 has created divisions in several communities, including Houston.

The law, referred to as the ‘show me your papers’ law, would ban sanctuary cities and allow officers to ask about immigration status-- even during a traffic stop. They would be required to detain people who are undocumented. 

Those in opposition of the law say it encourages racial profiling and creates distrust. Those in favor of the law say it makes cities safer. Both sides will speak at a hearing Friday morning in Louisiana at the 5th Circuit of Appeals.

“It’s a Senate bill that attacks people of colors, everyone out there,” Christian Urrea said.

Dozens of Houstonians from several community-based organizations, including the ACLU, boarded a bus at the Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church and headed to New Orleans for the hearing.

The law was set to go into effect Sept. 1, but a federal judge temporarily blocked it. The state is appealing the judge's decision.

Groups from San Antonio and Dallas are joining the Houston group to show their opposition.

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m.

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