8-year-old collects thousands of toys for children affected by Harvey

HOUSTON – “It's just gotten so much bigger than we even imagined,” said Jessica DuBose.

“We have so many toys now. Like, lots," said 8-year-old Lily DuBose.

Like thousands of others, it all started when Lily and her family were watching the news from their closet during a tornado warning.

“I saw some kids on the news that lost their toys, too, and then, like, yeah, we wanted to give toys to them," Lily said. “I started out with my Legos, just my Legos, that I wanted to give to people.”

From there, the idea grew, and soon she and a friend were passing out fliers to both get donations and let their impacted neighbors know.

“So it was just for our neighborhood, and then we found that we reached those kids pretty quick and then we had more toys coming in than kids. So we said let's reach out to another Facebook group and another Facebook group,” Jessica said.

Word about donating spread through Facebook. Soon, they were getting toys and gift cards from Tennessee, Missouri, even a package from Seattle, which arrived while KPRC reporter Chip Brewster was at their home. So far, they've had about 70 kids come through. All of them have been victims of Harvey.

“A lot of the kids will say, 'Oh, I already have that,' and their mom's in the background saying, 'No, we don't have it, it flooded,' but they don't know that,” said Jessica.

“I would kinda like some more toys so we could give it to more people,” Lily said.

The family plans to continue accepting donations and handing out toys until there is no longer a need. If you're interested in donating or receiving, Jessica asks that you contact her via Facebook.

Her profile is Jessica Totten DuBose.

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