Go inside 1 of 9 HISD schools severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON – There is uncertainty for some of the Houston Independent School District’s campuses about where their temporary home will be while their schools are repaired.

Hilliard Elementary School for example, is scheduled to start on Sept. 25 at a location that is still being determined.

This is just one of the many hurdles that some of HISD's most heavily damaged schools are facing.

Hurricane Harvey severely damaged nine HISD schools.

Those schools are Askew Elementary, Burbank Middle, Braeburn Elementary, Hilliard Elementary, Kolter Elementary, Liberty High, Mitchell Elementary, Robinson Elementary and Scarborough Elementary.

For those schools, students will start class Sept. 25 at a temporary location.

For some schools, that location is still being determined.

“The damage goes from roof damage, damage to the floors; some of them had 4 to 5 feet of water standing in them for multiple days,” said Tracy Clemons, HISD spokesperson

Clemons said severe flooding made it hard to get to inside some of the damaged schools. He said when they did, crews found standing water wreaked havoc.

Clemons said some of the schools lost nearly everything -- from desks, chairs, books and supplies.

“Four feet of standing water leaves a lot of mold behind, so we're taking every precaution possible to make sure the kids are safe,” Clemons said. “Right now, the most severely damaged schools will start the school year at other locations on Sept 25.”

He said some schools will not be able to return to their original home for weeks, months or even a year.

Clemons said it's important for anyone who is a part of those nine heavily damaged schools to stay connected to HISD's announcements.

Clemons told KPRC2 the list is fluid and it's possible some schools may come off the list and start sooner than expected.

To donate hurricane relief funds to HISD, you can go to houstonisdfoundation.org and label your donation “Harvey.”

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