How to receive storm assistance in seconds

HOUSTON – Volunteers from all over the country have come to Houston to help flood survivors in the days after Hurricane Harvey.

For many families, the help comes after simply filling out a form or making a call.

If you drive along the streets of neighborhoods near the Brays Bayou, you see a similar sight -- debris and garbage -- what was once what filled so many beloved homes.

"The destruction came," said Eli Sasson, who was standing in the Willow Meadows home he helped build for his son.

Sasson pointed out the water line which was well over 5 feet.

"When I started cleaning up by myself, it was kind of devastating," said Sasson. "But when you see help like this, it makes you have hope."

Sasson said there have been many volunteers who have come by his home from all walks of life.

"We have came to get everything out of the house, to clean up and to get rid of all the sheet rock," said Austin Clark, who traveled with a team of seven others from Life Fellowship Church in Pryor, Oklahoma.

"We drove eight and a half hours," said Clark.

Just to get their hands dirty. They had wheel barrows, power tools and were ripping out floor, cabinets, walls and much more.

"We have a lot of guys on our team who have done construction for a long time. Some of them have even done construction relief with Joplin," said Clark.

They are partnering with Crosspoint Church in Bellaire, a church that's sent volunteers to more than 300 homes.

But for Sasson, this meant just more than the physical clean up, it meant hope.

"All the destruction I see ... and I see this one," Sasson said, pointing to a yellow lily that managed to bloom amongst the debris. "This is a sign. Don't give up."

In darkness, Sasson said there is always hope.

"No matter where they're coming from, no matter which denomination -- it doesn't matter. You can see this?" Sasson asked, pointing to all the volunteers. "This is what we need to develop in America. This is unity ... everyone [caring] about somebody else."

Crosspoint Church is offering volunteer help to those in need. You can visit its website or call (832) 203-4300.

Another resource people can call is Crisis Cleanup.

The service takes down people's needs and shares them with volunteers who are willing and able to help. You should call the help line: 800-451-1954.

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