Reservoir releases impact flood-prone residents in west Houston

HOUSTON – Like thousands of her neighbors, Cynthia Neely is trying to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

She has been pulling up floors, ripping out walls and taking inventory of a lifetime worth of possessions lost.

"I haven’t cried yet, I cried in my dreams last night," Neely said.

Neely was an activist on flooding issues before the high water claimed her home.

A member of Residents against flooding, she sued the city to get detention ponds, which were long-promised but never built.

Two weeks ago, she shared her fears with KPRC about potential flooding from an untended drainage ditch. The ditch did indeed rise out of its banks.

"But the worst of it was from the dam release. When that started happening you could see it rushing down Memorial Drive," she said.

Water released from the Barker Dam filled her home and forced she and her husband out of it along with their neighbors.

On Wednesday, her family is back and she’s hopeful now more people are listening to her flooding concerns.

"So, now we’re at the tipping point. They either do something about our situation, or it will have to happen all over again, and we’ll have to move out of Houston," Neely said.

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