Orlando church group helps flood victims in Houston

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Wednesday was an emotional day for Kevin and Jerri Austin, who can finally clean out their house.

They also received the welcome help of strangers.

"The response has been absolutely overwhelming and humbling," Jerri said.

Their home of 18 years took on three feet of water.

"They closed the dams and the waters came up so high. It was scary fast," Jerri said.

The couple was rescued Sunday.

"We're bailing out of here like the people you see on TV with the bags over our heads and all of that," Kevin said.

The married couple said they had to return to their home for their valuables.

"It's Texas. The first thing we save, is my husband waded in this swamp before we can get in here, and saved our Bibles and our guns," Jerri said.

On Wednesday, folks from Florida helped with the cleanup. Six people from a church in Celebration, Florida, along with members of local churches, ripped out drywall, carpet and everything in between.

"I'm just flabbergasted that they would give up themselves, when they have a hurricane bearing down on their own homes, to come here to help us," Jerri said.

Pastor George Dirling of Illuminate Church said, "We're preparing for" the next hurricane. "Our families are also preparing for that. (But) we also know ... coming out here that love is sacrifice and there's people here hurting and needed hope.

"Pretty much everything is gutted," Dirling said.

The Austins said it's the kindness of strangers that has been a true blessing.

"All this is devastating, all this hurts. But, the real joy is being able to see the community come together the way that they are. I mean, it's been something to behold," Kevin said.

The couple said they are staying with family for the time being.

As for the Florida church group, they will be helping other folks before flying back to Florida at the end of the week.

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