Cardinal DiNardo has message of hope after Harvey

KPRC's Bill Balleza sits down Friday with Cardinal DiNardo


HOUSTON – During a time like this, many of us look to our spiritual leaders for comfort. And with Houston's large Catholic community, the man with that responsibility is Daniel Cardinal DiNardo.

KPRC anchor Bill Balleza sat down Friday with Cardinal DiNardo, who had some encouraging words for his flock.

"Even in parishes where our buildings are fine, they are saying the people, just incredible suffering over losing their homes. It's everywhere," DiNardo said.

After being stuck in his home because of surrounding flood waters during hurricane Harvey, Cardinal DiNardo said one thing was always clear to him.

"God is always faithful. The Lord is mysterious," DiNardo said. "I sometimes think that Jesus is asleep in the boat. Like the apostles we have to call out and say 'Wake up Jesus!' and he does wake and calm the waters. He is doing that now."

Cardinal DiNardo said he's seeing Jesus work through people in our community.

"Look at all the volunteers, look at all the people who came to help. In my mind that is an incredible sign of open resilience of these people and I can say I think it's the Lord who planted that in us, so I say stay with that. You will get great hope," he said.

Many will find hope in the coming weeks with the help of Catholic Charities, the official relief agency of the Catholic Church. DiNardo said Catholic Charities moves in after the Red Cross and other first responders move out.

"What do you do after that, as you try to get people to go through the next stages?" he said. "Catholic Charities is extremely good at case management - that's always been their forte. I think that is where we will see them shine. How do you move to this? More not just self-fulfillment, but how are you going to cope with this how are you going to deal with this?"

The Holy Father sent a message directly to Cardinal DiNardo for the people in our area.

"He hears about the urgent needs and the terrible flooding that has taken place," DiNardo said, "He is with us. he accompanies us and he sends both his greetings and his hope to all."

The Pope has a weekly noon blessing every Sunday, and DiNardo is hoping Texas will get a mention this weekend.

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