'We will not run out' of fuel, Texas governor says


AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott again tamped down rumors that there is a shortage of fuel in the state.

Abbott said fuel is being shipped in from neighboring states of Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico. He said flow on a pipeline that normally ships fuel from Texas to Oklahoma has been reversed, and some refineries along the south Texas coast are coming back online.

“We will not run out,” Abbott said.

Drivers packed gas stations in Houston before Hurricane Harvey slammed into the southeast Texas coastline, producing destruction and devastating floods. Some stations ran out of fuel and have not been resupplied since the storm.

As the storm ended, rumors began circulating online that fuel would scarce in the aftermath. Panicked motorists began packing gas stations across the state, causing some stations outside of the storm’s path to run out of fuel.

Experts said Thursday that there is no physical shortage of gasoline supply, but the logistics of getting gas into the affected regions has been difficult.

Gas prices have risen about 20 cents in the Houston area since the storm.

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