Inverness Forest subdivision evacuation lifted Thursday night


HOUSTON – The Inverness Forest subdivision in northeast Houston is calling for a mandatory evacuation Monday night.

Officials are asking people to leave the area as soon as possible due to the rising water levels in Cypress Creek and the possible failure of the storm water pumps at a nearby levee.

The mandatory evacuation applies to streets north of Kingsbridge Road, including east and west Greenbrook Drive and Kenchester Drive.

The pump station is operational at this time, but is it struggling to lift against the high water level in Cypress Creek, which is above a 500-year event, officials said.

If water rises on the detention side, it will get into the electrical system and shut down the pumps.

Residents are being asked to leave with all family members and pets. They are being asked to take all medications and important papers.

In the event of a levee breach or failure, there is potential for severe street and home flooding.

For more information, contact the Harris County Flood Control District at 713-684-4000.

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