Residents near Brazos River worry as water inches closer to homes

River expected to crest Thursday

RICHMOND, Texas – With an already swollen Brazos River continuing to rise, fear and uncertainty lingers for many living along its banks.

"You know, it's like the rain is gone, but they say the worst part is going to be after the rain stopped," Melissa Deleon said.

Deleon has family friends who evacuated from the area days ago and weren't sure how bad things had gotten.

"We came down here to see how it looked, and his house is already flooded," Deleon said.

For those who call this neighborhood home, their homes are now inundated with water.

They said they are reliving a nightmare.

The community flooded last year during a flood event that destroyed nearly 600 homes. Many in the community are barely recovering.

"I've been living here all my life and I've never seen it this high from one year to the other," Neo said.

The Brazos sat at nearly 54 feet (close to the same levels of last year's flood) Thursday, causing even more concern this time around because was expected to rise to 56 feet.

"I tried to be a positive thinker and see where the value in doing this again is. We've been here before and we have persevered and we will persevere now," Fort Bend County Judge Bob Herbert said.

County officials issued mandatory evacuations and a message to residents to follow the orders.

As the sun set Wednesday, many there were unsure what Thursday would bring as the water inched closer and closer to their homes.

As of Friday, officials said the river might go up a couple of inches and then begin to fall after Saturday.

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