Neighborhood where KPRC's Habitat for Humanity homes built flooded

Homes located in Harrel Park in NE Houston, donations being accepted


HOUSTON – A Habitat for Humanity community where four of KPRC Channel 2's homes are located at Harrel Park in Northeast Houston was damaged by floods.

Habitat officials said they are trying to get updates on the families who live in the homes.


Some of the families were evacuated, and some were taken to shelters, Habitat officials said.

The extent of the damage wasn't immediately known, but officials said there was water in the homes.

"We are heartbroken that our friends and neighbors were affected in this way," a Habitat statement said. "Even with the precautions and care we take in choosing land and building homes, nature overruled, and even Houston Habitat for Humanity homeowners did not escape this unprecedented event.

"Our hearts go out to all the families that will struggle for months to recover. We anticipate repairs will be needed beyond their capacity. Your donation, in any amount will help us help them and will count in ways you could never imagine. Once emergency needs have been met, we will enlist the energies of volunteers to continue rebuilding.

"Neighbors helping neighbors goes a long way, and we are all neighbors, no matter where we are on the planet. Please help if you can."

Donations can be made online at the Houston Habitat for Humanity website.

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