Local store struggles to keep solar eclipse glasses in stock

A store in Montrose is struggling to keep solar eclipse-watching goggles in stock as the historic event is just four days away. 

Nearly every call Land, Sea and Sky in Montrose receives is about eclipse-watching glasses. 

Chris Hysinger and his wife own the store, where 6,000 eclipse glasses were ordered-and most sold in five days. 

"What most people will view the eclipse with are these solar shades. They have a special Mylar coating that reflects 99.999 percent of the sun's energy, including all the harmful UV radiation. And you can use these to look at the sun for minutes or hours during the partial phases," Hysinger said. 

The store planned a viewing party for Monday afternoon in the parking lot. Hysinger calls it the Super Bowl of Astronomy.

"There's a lot of astronomical events that astronomers get excited about, but usually the common person doesn't have access to it," Hysinger said. 

The touchdown these days is finding the glasses. 

"This is an event that everybody in the U.S., provided it's not cloudy, will be able to look at. It's a real exciting time," Hysinger said.

Home improvement and grocery stores are other places where eclipse glasses can be found. 

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