Video: Thieves follow victim home, take money in La Porte

LA PORTE, Texas – La Porte police are investigating a case of jugging, which was recorded by a homeowner's surveillance camera.

Bank jugging refers to a customer being targeted for theft as the victim leaves a bank with cash.

In this case, Sukhpal Singh told KPRC2 a man followed him home Saturday, after he left a Bank of America branch, located in the 800 block of Highway 146.

"It was quick. Ten seconds and the guy was already gone," Singh said.

Singh said he withdrew money from the bank Saturday afternoon. After leaving the bank, Singh continued to run errands.

"I saw a car pulling up in the parking lot at the same time," he said, although he did not think anything of the car at first.

Singh said he drove home after that. He realized he had forgotten his cellphone in his vehicle and did not know someone followed him home.

Surveillance video from a camera installed on Singh's home recorded a car pulling up to Singh's home. A man can be seen running out of another vehicle and directly to Singh's truck.

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Singh said the door was unlocked because he only ran inside to grab his cellphone. He said within 20 seconds, he returned to his truck.

By then, his money was gone, Singh told KPRC2.

"I had a lot of hard-earned money from the bank to go pay my credit card bill, which somebody who probably doesn't work is stealing from people," Singh said.

After uncovering video showing the theft in progress, Singh posted it to Facebook.

Another person from nearby Deer Park posted video of an alleged jugging taking place at her home.

Both Singh and the other victim believe there is a common thread in both clips: The getaway car.

"Looks like the same guy. They were driving an Infiniti G35 gray car," Singh said.

Singh said he hopes sharing the video will lead to an arrest.

He also shared tips with others in hopes the man in the video does not strike another time.

"If you're coming home straight from the bank, look out in your back window and see if somebody is following you," Singh said.

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