Father accused of putting 10-year-old son in trunk blames charge on misunderstanding

HOUSTON – A father who is accused of putting his 10-year-old son in the trunk says he is a good dad and that's not what really happened.

Jeremiah Lee Cano is the father of four boys between 7 and 13 years old.

This past weekend, the whole family drove from Victoria to Houston to go school supply shopping, Cano said.

Cano said his boys were uncomfortable in the back seat of his Dodge Avenger, so his 10-year-old son asked to pull the seat down so he could put his legs in the trunk.

"The feet were in the trunk, that was it, he was good, he was playing his game," Cano said. "I'm not a bad father, it's just a bad situation that happened at the wrong time."

Cano insists his son was never in any discomfort and only half his body was in the trunk.

An employee at a Southwest Freeway gas station saw the situation and alerted police.

“I'm not a bad father, it's just a bad situation that happened at the wrong time,” Cano said.

Child Protective Services is checking in with the family and Cano is facing a child endangerment charge. He is due back in court in September.

"It was a wrong decision and it was made by accident and it will never happen again," Cano said.

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