Ford engineers inspect Explorers at Galveston Police Department amid carbon monoxide concerns

Concerns about high levels of carbon monoxide


GALVESTON, Texas – Police departments across the country, including several Houston-area departments, are pulling hundreds of Ford Explorer patrol vehicles off the streets amid concerns about high levels of carbon monoxide.

Officials with the city of Galveston provided an update on their vehicles Thursday, saying that Ford flew in two engineers to inspect aftermarket installations on the vehicles to ensure that the installations were sealed properly.

"Silsbe Ford is one of the city's unit suppliers that provides the installation of police equipment," said Jaree Fortin, the city's public information officer. "Fortunately for the city of Galveston, Silsbe Ford utilized Ford's preferred installation methods of emergency equipment on all of the Ford Explorers in our fleet."

As a result, the city said it will place eight unmarked Explorers back in service on Saturday.

According to the city, the remaining 19 Explorers will be evaluated by the city's fleet facility following recommendations from Ford, and placed back in service once cleared.

All Ford Explorers in the city's fleet will be outfitted with carbon monoxide monitors in the future as a precautionary measure, the city said.

"We cannot thank Ford enough for taking this matter so seriously, and the customer service that went above and beyond," said Fortin. "The safety of our officers is of the utmost importance to us, and we are thankful that Ford values their safety as much as we do."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has also purchased and installed carbon monoxide testing devices in several of its Ford Explorers, but said none of the devices have detected harmful levels of carbon monoxide.

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