Crooks return to rob dentist office after police leave

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas – A dentist office in South Houston caught dramatic video of a pair of burglars ransacking the office, and the owner of the business believes police could have done more to thwart the return of the crooks.

"You know the door was broken and you just left it there thinking, 'Oh, they're not going to come back,'" Dr. Myoung Hwang said.

The incident happened last Friday at about 7 a.m. No one was inside the office when the break-in occurred, but the burglars left shortly before police arrived, then came back after police left to finish the job.

"This department runs short shifts," South Houston police captain Eddie Martin said.

"Where you're checking a business and everything, that's more than just one person, that's multiple officers," Martin said.

Martin said that small departments, often, cannot afford to stand guard at a burglarized business.

"You're going to have officers tied up just waiting for people to get there when they decide to get there," Martin said.

Hwang said, from his view, police should have either secured the property, notified the alarm company police were leaving the scene, or stayed at the location until he arrived.

The two burglars remain unidentified and at large. One man has a neck tattoo. The duo arrived at South Houston Family Dental in what appears to be a white 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe.

If you have information about the crime Call the South Houston Police Department at 713-944-1916.

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