Lyft driver accused of kicking passenger out at wrong destination in Houston

HOUSTON – A video of a Houston Lyft driver allegedly kicking a passenger out of his vehicle is making its rounds on social media.

Lyft made its comeback in Houston on May 31 after they stopped operating in Texas over a year ago, after a bill was passed to require fingerprinting as one of the requirements for a background check.

Khaliah Clark told KPRC 2 that she was visiting Houston for a friend’s birthday and ordered a Lyft to go to brunch in Rice Village.

Clark said 10 minutes in the driver started to go off route without communicating with her. She said when she started to ask questions about safety concerns, the driver pulled into a parking lot.

Clark said the driver got mad when she asked questions and said that she should have trusted him. She said the driver continued and then told her to get out of his vehicle.

"(He) told me that since I have so many questions about where we're going, and that he's the driver, and I need to trust him that I need to get out of his car," Clark said.

She explained to the driver that she was just nervous and not from Houston.

"You're going to kick me out in the middle of nowhere and I have nowhere to go," Clark said to the driver in the video.

VIDEO: Lyft incident caught on camera 

She said he was making her get out the vehicle that was not her destination.

In the video, the driver says, “I’m going home.”

Clark said she was stranded somewhere in Houston and had a relative come pick her up.

"I hope that Lyft does something about it. Um, I hope they change their policy and know that this could have ended up a bad situation," Clark said.

The case is under investigation.

Clark said Lyft has deactivated her account while the investigation continues.

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