Couple's hysterical #goodwilldatenight goes viral

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – If you’re looking to spice up your love life, take a cue from an Ohio couple that brought thrift store magic to their dating scene.

Noel Pauley and her husband, Shane Pauley, planned a romantic night together built around the premise of a $10 outfit.

They bought an outfit for each other at Goodwill on that budget and wore their looks out in public as if they were completely normal.

Noel wrote on Facebook, “We made up fake names to match our outfits! We laughed so hard all night long. We now challenge all of you to take a #goodwilldatenight and have a blast with your person!!! Love, Roger and Ethel.”

The post has since gone viral with more than 446,000 shares.

Noel has written further about the date night on her blog, where she lays out the rules. 

Rule One: You each get $10 in Goodwill to shop for the other person and they have to wear what you pick. 

Rule Two: Once you leave Goodwill, it’s like fight club, no one talks about it. 

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