Road rage video shows Hummer blocking semi truck in Midland

Deputies say man was angry at semi driver

MIDLAND, Texas – A case of road rage has the attention of deputies in Midland after a driver blocked a semi truck's path.

According to a report by KWES-TV, video of the alleged incident has gone viral. A YouTube video shows what looks to be the driver of a Hummer keeping a semi truck from passing him. The driver would switch lanes back-and-forth to block the semi driver's path.

The Midland County Sheriff's Office said the driver of the Hummer was angry at the semi driver for allegedly throwing a can out of the window, hitting his vehicle.

Deputies caught up to the driver of the Hummer after hearing about the road rage. According to the KWES report, the Midland County Sheriff said deputies would have taken the driver to jail or given him a few tickets had they seen the violations before stopping him.

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