Woman adopts dog that was thrown out of car window on I-10


HOUSTON – After seeing a story about a small dog being thrown out of a car window near I-10 on KPRC, a Houston woman adopted the survivor.

Debbie Ellis was picked by Yorkie Rescue Houston to adopt the dog on July 11.

Ellis renamed Laila, calling her Boo. Boo will live with Bella and Bogie.

A Houston couple rescued the puppy after an unspeakable act of cruelty.

Savannah Gonzalez and Alan Lux were driving along Kirkwood Road at I-10 on the afternoon of July 2 when they saw a driver throw a tiny dog out of a car window.

"I came to a stop at the light and we saw a white Chrysler pull up and they opened the window and just threw her out," Lux said.

They said the driver sped off.

The couple made a U-turn and pulled over to grab the dog from the median of the busy intersection.

"I was just hysterical," Gonzalez said.

The couple took her home but knew they couldn't keep her, so Lux made a public plea for help on his Facebook page.

"I didn't want to just drop her at the shelter and be put down. I'd rather her find a nice home," he said.

His plea was answered by members of Yorkie Rescue Houston.

"Well, how do you say no? I'm full. My intake is supposed to be closed right now because I don't have any fosters, but how do you say no?" said Bobbie Bell, founder and co-director of Yorkie Rescue Houston.

Bell treated the puppy she called Laila, which is pronounced Lila, for fleas, and had her vaccinated and microchipped. She said the dog showed no signs of physical injuries.

"She's not limping. There's no open abrasions. There's no wounds that we saw. She's a tough girl. She really is," Bell said.

After some paperwork, Ellis is happy to add another to her family.

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