Missouri City family wants answers after dog shot, killed by police officer

MISSOURI CITY, Texas – A family in Missouri City called for answers Sunday, after a police officer shot and killed their dog.

"He was sweet. He was very kind. Very playful," said Lizzethe Pedregon, describing her dog Chapo.

They said an officer fired once at Chapo Friday, killing the dog.

Police were called to Pedregon's home Friday in response to a noise complaint. Pedregon told KPRC2 that roughly 10 people were at her home in the backyard when an officer entered through a gate.

"They come through the back gate, didn't make an attempt to knock on the front door," Pedregon said.

The family released surveillance video from their security camera showing officers' arrival.

Pedregon said the video also shows that officers did not knock at her door. Rather, she said, an officer walked into her backyard.

What occurred next differs based on accounts from Pedregon and the Missouri City Police Department.

Pedregon said her dog was sitting in the grass and did not bark when an officer shot him for no reason.

"No warning. No nothing we just hear the gunshot," she said.

Missouri City police said the dog barked at the officer and approached him.

The agency sent the following statement to KPRC2:

"The officer called for someone to restrain the dog as he backed away. The dog continued growling and approaching the officer."

It stated the officer "drew his weapon and fired once striking the dog."

Pedregon said the statement is not true.

"That statement is completely false and I think that's why we're pushing to see that body cam. We want to see the video," she said.

The Missouri City Police Department told KPRC2 it is looking into the complaint.

Pedregon said the chief of police contacted her as well.

She said she wants answers as to why her family's dog was killed.

"What happened? Why did you guys shoot? Why did you guys come in the yard? Why didn't you guys announce yourself?" she said.