Cameras that read license plates becoming useful tool for police

HOUSTON – Anyone who has driven through the intersection at Mall Ring Road at Town Center Boulevard in Sugar Land, has had their license plate recorded by cameras.

Police said there were about 20 spots all over the city monitored by the special cameras.

Sugar Land police said a camera mounted near the Sugar Land Town Square helped catch an accused shooter.

Jarodd Wilson, 19, of Missouri City, was accused of firing shots into the sixth floor of an office building.

"Basically we got a description of the car that those people were driving,” said Sugar Land Police Assistant Chief Eric Robins. "We looked in that database for a description for that vehicle, found a license plate and it basically took us to where they live and we were able to apprehend those people."

Sugar Land police also have two mobile trailers equipped with video surveillance and license plate readers. The department said the trailers, like the other cameras, pick up plates of stolen cars, or those associated with major crimes or missing people.

The city said the information is kept private and only stored for 30 days.

"If a crime occurs, we are going to search our database, and we hope that we're going to catch a criminal," Robins said.

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