Arrest made in Sugar Land Town Square shooting

Bar patrons hide in bathroom

SUGAR LAND, Texas – An arrest was made after gunshots frightened crowds Wednesday at Sugar Land Town Square.

Police said Jarodd Deon Wilson, 19, of Missouri City, was in a black sedan parked in a lot when he started shooting into the air around 11 p.m. He then drove away.

A nearby license plate recognition camera captured the license plate from the vehicle where the shots were fired from, and detectives used that information to find Wilson, who later confessed to firing a weapon into the air that hit a building, according to authorities.

Wilson was arrested and charged with deadly conduct Thursday around 4 p.m.

The cameras were installed in the summer of 2015.

Authorities said they believe at least one additional shooter is still at large, so the investigation is ongoing.

No one was injured, but two windows were damaged on the sixth floor of an adjacent apartment building.

Police recovered about 10 shell casings fired from more than one weapon, according to authorities.

A man at a nearby bar said he and more than a dozen people hid in a bathroom when they heard the shots.

Sugar Land employees said an incident like this not common in the area.

"I couldn't tell if there was like a dispute outside or was somebody being vandalizing and just shooting? Who knows. It's just terrible I'm glad nobody got hurt," Jennifer Rodriguez said.

Daylight brought out new crime scene investigators, looking for evidence. In sunlight, at least seven bullet holes on the side of an office building can be seen. Officers believe there were more shots fired.

"We get in the elevator and all of a sudden these men start running towards the elevator to us and yell there's a shooter! There's a shooter!"

"I was having a great time and then this idiot over here does what he does, it's just so stupid, it's a crazy world we live in," one woman said.

"We believe there were at least two firearms used one was a rifle, the other was a handgun" Sugar Land police spokesperson, Doug Adolph, said.

Police said bars, restaurants, Starbucks and the Marriott hotel were full of people because a Journey concert had just ended miles away and shuttles were taking people to the Town Square parking lot.

"Reminded me of Baghdad, believe it or not, because you just hear this random gunfire at night, it's very strange," John stoner said.

A strange incident for a city that says crowds from concerts is typically as chaotic as it gets.

We just got on the other side of those bullet holes! Listen to what this woman found coming into work at the staffing agency here.

Posted by KPRC2 Haley Hernandez on Thursday, July 13, 2017

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