3 missing in Crosby apartment fire found dead, fire marshal says

CROSBY, Texas – Three people are dead and 58 other are left without a home after a deadly 3-alarm fire ripped through an apartment complex Saturday morning in Crosby.

The Harris County Fire Marshals’ Office said Crosby Volunteer Firefighters were called at 6:15 a.m. to Crosby Square Apartments.

Eight other agencies assisted, including Houston firefighters who said they sent units from the Kingwood area to aid in the fire.

The Harris County Fire Marshal's office confirmed the fire started in building one and then spread to building two where firefighters were able to contain the fire.

Officials said 16 units were damaged, four of them were vacant.

“I’m glad I woke up,” said Alyssa Crenshaw who was home with her husband and 1-year-old son at the time of the fire. “I heard a high pitched loud popping sound almost like a gunshot, I went up to the door and I had seen everyone yelling and screaming and told my husband there is something happening outside.”

Crenshaw and her family ran for safety, but would later learn they lost everything in their home.

“We can’t go in there, they said they’re going to board everything up tomorrow and we’ll never be allowed to look through anything. It’s all gone,” said Crenshaw.

She said a construction worker found her purse, car keys, some money and pictures and gave them to her.

Three residents were reported missing, but were later found dead in the apartment building.

The victim's identities have not been confirmed.

Their family members embraced each other as they learned the devastating news outside the complex on Saturday.

“I knew them. I used to fix their tires all the time. They would come over here,” said Raydizel Paz whose house and business, Crosby Tire Shop is right next to the apartment complex.

Paz said he woke up to flames and went to help people get out.

“I had seen the lady fall out of her wheelchair so I went and pulled her out because the fire was coming  out that way, so I just started picking her up with the phone,” said Paz.

He was also able to capture video of the roaring fire.

Paz said he couldn’t get to the family who died and could hear them screaming.

“It’s just hard to believe that something so fast can happen like that , it’s just such a tragedy, it really is,” said Paz.

Once the structure of the building was safe, fire crews began to investigate the cause of the fire.

An elderly couple was taken to a hospital as a precaution as well as several firefighters who were treated for heat exhaustion, but are expected to be OK.

Antioch Baptist church in Crosby is taking donations and said Walmart gave them pallets of water and clothes to hand out.

The church is located at 230 West First St. The Red Cross is also taking donations.

Crenshaw’s family set up a fundraising page through You Caring, click link to donate. 

There has been a major fire at Crosby Square Apartments. Our Maintenance and Operations Department is working with the...

Posted by Crosby ISD on Saturday, July 8, 2017


Crosby assistant fire chief says 3 people still missing. Firefighters are preparing to search for them. @KPRC2 pic.twitter.com/wWEw1llgP8

— Jake Reiner (@JakeKPRC2) July 8, 2017



Flames still visible. Apt manager said 16 units damaged, 4 of them vacant. Wheelchair bound woman rescued. @KPRC2 pic.twitter.com/ZFL4boPbVZ

— Jake Reiner (@JakeKPRC2) July 8, 2017






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