Woman finds creepy doll on Bolivar beach

Debra Croy Nelson shared this picture on Facebook of a rather unsettling doll she found on Bolivar Peninsula, Texas. (Debra Croy Nelson/Facebook)
Debra Croy Nelson shared this picture on Facebook of a rather unsettling doll she found on Bolivar Peninsula, Texas. (Debra Croy Nelson/Facebook)

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas – It's a story that had KPRC2 viewers commenting, sharing and shivering this week -- a terrifying treasure found on a beach on the Bolivar Peninsula.

Debra Croy Nelson found a creepy-looking doll near the new Seagrass development, and she posted a picture of it. The big question many people had was, "Where did it come from?"

Well, that mystery might now be solved.

One of the more than 140 people who shared a post about the story on KPRC2's Facebook page was Cindy Miller. Her caption on the shared post: "Hmmm... I wonder how this got there Gato R Press?? Ok, we're guilty! That was 10 years ago!"

The pair put several dolls out on a beach a decade ago.

Gato R Press is Cindy's husband, Gator Miller. He posted two pictures and wrote: "Here is the whole crowd. We set them up on a sand dune and they were there for months, but disappeared in the storm..."

Channel 2 spoke with Gator Miller on Thursday, and he is convinced the doll is one of several that the couple put there 10 years ago. He said they often camped near the old Lost Highway and put the dolls up as a marker to help them find their campsite. He was amazed and delighted to learn that one of the couple's dolls may have resurfaced after all this time. The couple affectionately named the doll "Junior" back in 2007. 

Miller pointed out that the doll would have traveled about 5 miles over the past decade.

Of course, a tale this bizarre will always have its skeptics. Some might point out the slight difference in the before and after pictures, including the doll's mouth which appears to be a bit off. Miller believes it's possible "Junior" may have became swollen in the water and the elements, as it would have been out there for a decade.

Mystery solved? Maybe. But one thing's for sure... most Channel 2 viewers seem to agree on this one thing... if they saw this doll on a beach, they would run the other direction!


Sea shells, loose change and even the occasional message in a bottle -- you can find some interesting things on the beach. However, what one woman recently found on Bolivar Peninsula definitely ranks high on the bizarre scale.

It's a doll many are calling creepy, but that only begins to describe it. The doll has shells for eyes, and it only has a head. No arms or legs for this terrifying treasure.

Debra Croy Nelson posted the picture on the Bolivar Beachcombers Facebook page. Her caption says it all: "Left her there."

Nelson's gut instinct to leave the doll on the beach was one most people would share: "The barnacles were alive and it had a creepy feeling to me."

Her post on the goup's Facebook page had many of her neighbors talking.

Just a few of the more than 100 comments included: "It's the bride of Chucky!" and "This has scary movie written all over it!"

Another wrote, "Oh! Heck no! I'd run so fast, in the opposite direction! That's just plain creepy!"

But there were some who weren't scared by the doll. One commenter wrote, "Oh! Go back! I want it for Halloween."

Nelson said she found it not far from the open stretch of beach near the new Seagrass development.

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