Suffer no more: Houston band The Suffers celebrate after stolen van replaced

HOUSTON – Houston band The Suffers had its tour van stolen recently, according to an Instagram post from the group.

The band posted that it had an eventful 10 days, with the high of performing with the Houston Symphony, and then the low a day later, in the middle of the night, of their van being stolen.

“Monday morning, I was driving my son to school and I had this moment of profound confusion when I realized this big van that should have been there was no longer there,” drummer Nick Zamora said.

The band said it reported the burglary to police, and that whoever was responsible made off with little besides the vehicle -- “No gear was stolen,” the post reads. “(All) that was pillows, old food, and a copy of ‘The Keys’ by @djkhaled.”

“We've always been careful with our equipment being as secure as possible. Our livelihood is based on having that stuff to do our job,” Zamora said.

“Our schedule has been so crazy, we haven't even had a chance to get upset about it,” the post reads.

“Instead, we kept it moving, and focused on how we'd replace our van on the one day we'd have off before the next tour,” the post says.

Zamora said it’s always disappointing when something like this happens.

“The way I look at is, if that's your profession, you should look for something else. You should be doing something, that you know your grandma would be proud of.”

The band said it purchased a new van for its West Coast shows at Chastang Ford in northeast Harris County.

The post reads: “We're looking forward to all the new adventures in it.“


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