City of Houston to add 38 more Mini Murals to streetside traffic-signal control cabinets


HOUSTON – The city of Houston is planning to add 38 more artworks to streetside traffic-signal control cabinets throughout the city.

Officials are asking artists to submit samples of their work before Aug. 11. Chosen artists will be notified Aug. 31.


Houston now has over 170 new, original artworks in neighborhoods throughout the city that have been funded by the city, as well as private sponsors.

The city is planning on adding the Mini Murals to neighborhoods including Acres Homes, Central Southwest, East End, Gulfton, Heights, Near Northside, Second Ward and Third Ward.

“This program is a tremendous success on every level,” said Turner. “Community murals enrich our neighborhoods, represent the diversity of our community and employ the talents of Houston artists. People love them and we have had a lot of positive response, so we want more artists to join the roster.”

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UP Art Studio will convene a panel of art experts, community stakeholders, artists and city representatives to review all submissions and select artists for the registry. The panelists include:

  • Radu Barbuceanu – City of Houston, Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs
  • Marcus Gurske – UP Art Studio Advisory Board, Public Relations
  • Noah Quiles – Managing Partner of UP Art Studio
  • Alanna Reed – City of Houston, Department of Public Works and Engineering
  • Terry Suprean – Artist
  • Lisa Volpe – Curator of Photography, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The city of Houston has contracted with UP Art Studio for program management and is partnering with the minority-owned business to expand the artist roster.

“We are excited that the City of Houston continues to be supportive of this project and sees the value in emphasizing public art through this and other public art projects. We work hard to leverage what the City does with other sponsorships and a lot of groups see a Mini Mural as a great way to give back to the community," Noah Quiles, of UP Art Studio said. "The cost to sponsor a Mini Mural is $2,500 and we have had management districts, neighborhood associations, corporate partners, individuals, and others sponsor murals.”

For more information about the city’s cultural programs, click here.

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