Officer who subdued Southwest passenger explains 'ghost' photo circulating online

HOUSTON – Pamela Minchew, the Cleveland Independent School District officer who subdued an unruly passenger Sunday aboard a Houston-bound Southwest flight, said Monday at a press conference that she wanted to clear up any confusion about a photo featured on her Facebook page showing a shadowy figure at her side.

“It's not a ghost,” Minchew said. “A lot of people think it's a ghost. People are very confused about what it is. That is my paw-paw, who has passed away, who was in law enforcement. So, it's actually supposed to be a tribute, and it's an angel. So, just so there's some clarification. I don't need kids thinking there's ghosts. There's not ghosts. That's what it is."

Michew appeared to be an angel herself on Sunday, rushing to aid Southwest employees aboard the flight from Los Angeles to Hobby Airport.

“I just jumped up, self-identified and subdued her," Minchew said.

Passengers cheered for Minchew when she reboarded the final plane bound for Houston.

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