Family continues to fight to save father from being deported to El Salvador

HOUSTON – A Houston father has at least 60 more days to fight his deportation back to El Salvador.

The attorneys representing Juan Rodriguez filed a motion to reopen the case, so a judge can make a final ruling in the case.

On Monday, Rodriguez visited an ICE office in North Houston with his wife, three daughters, attorneys and other family members.

He came to the US illegally from El Salvador in 2001 to live with his wife and daughter.

Immigration denied Rodriguez temporary protected status and told him to return home.

But, he stayed and in February, ICE told Rodriguez his time was up and they would deport him on June 29.

His attorneys said it would violate his right to freedom of religion.

After leaving the ICE office, his daughter, Karen Rodriguez, talked about keeping her family together.

“Right now, I’m very happy, compared to how I was this morning. I was very anxious and nervous. Right now, I’m very grateful and thankful, we have 30 days and with God’s help, we might have even more,” said Karen Rodriguez.

Juan Rodriguez will be required to wear a GPS ankle monitor starting Monday.

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