Restaurant Report Card: Slime, rodent droppings found by Health Department

HOUSTON – It's Thursday night, and there's a good chance you're making weekend dinner plans, but you might want to see where health inspectors found violations first.

Imagine if you ordered an ice cold drink at your favorite restaurant; you expect it to be delicious and free of any contamination.

But at Taco Cabana at 700 North Loop West, Houston restaurant inspectors discovered slime on the back side of both the soda machine ice chutes.

This order was given: Please maintain machines to prevent contamination of ice.

Rodent waste is never a good thing, but at La Pupusa Loca at 7207 Hillcroft Avenue, health inspectors reportedly found rodent poop near bulk containers of food, near the dishes and inside the three-compartment sink.

The restaurant was ordered to eliminate rodents from the premises.

More rodent droppings were found: This time the Health Department found rodent waste at Sbarro located at The Galleria.

Inspectors said they spotted the droppings on the floor in the upper room.

From there, we went to Pho Nhi on Bellaire Blvd., where restaurant inspectors discovered live and dead roaches on the floor and on the dishwashing machine in the kitchen.

We finish the report at the Briar Club on Timmons Lane, where inspectors found black slime in the ice machine.

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