Pit bull thrown out window, stomped, to get new chance at life


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – There’s a happy ending for an abused dog in Montgomery County, according to the sheriff’s office.

Back on February 26, Cody Tyler Tombros was arrested in the 25600 block of Interstate 45 at the Dakota Canyon Apartments. Witnesses said he threw his then-6-month-old pit bull puppy out of a second-story apartment building window and stomped on it, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Tombros, 25, was charged with cruelty to animals.

The dog was taken to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter where he received treatment. Authorities say the dog has some permanent bone damage, but is expected to recover -- and be placed into a new home.

Tombros reached a plea agreement with the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office. He has surrendered the dog and will serve a year behind bars.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said the puppy will be adopted Monday.

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