Local women ready to compete on NBC's 'American Ninja Warrior'

HOUSTON – Burpees, pushups and fitness in general -- you may think that’s all you need to conquer the obstacles of "American Ninja Warrior."

For one of the contestants on Monday, it’s much more than a physical challenge.

“By looking at me, you wouldn’t know that I had brain surgery and I had to relearn walking and that I have a plate and screws in my head,” Charlotte Eccles said.

Yet it’s all true.

While Charlotte is a competitor on "American Ninja Warrior" on Monday, three years ago, a brain tumor had her fighting to do the simplest of tasks.

“I couldn’t get out of my bed to get to a chair. I wasn’t able to walk by myself,” Eccles said. “My tumor was intertwined in three of my cranial nerves, the ones that control hearing, balance and my face.”

Her surgery was successful, but it forced her to undergo years of therapy, something that took an unconventional turn at Iron Sports, a gym near Willowbrook Mall.

“I knew from the minute I walked in that this was going to be the place that I take back what my tumor had stolen from me,” Eccles said.