Texans consumed over 55 million gallons of alcohol in May, data shows

TABC: Texans consumed over 55 million gallons of wine, ale, beer, spirits in May


AUSTIN – If you have ever wondered just how much alcohol Texans drink, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has a jaw-dropping monthly estimate.

Newly released data shows Texans consumed over 55 million gallons of alcohol in May. To put that figure into perspective, Texans drank the equivalent of 114 Lone Star Lagoons (a Texas-shaped wave pool) worth of alcohol in one month alone. 

TABC organizes the data by separating "per capita consumption" into four categories: Ale, beer, wine and distilled spirits.

According to the TABC's May 2017 report, Texas' total alcohol consumption shakes out to an estimated 57,390,914 gallons.

See the breakdown below:

  • Distilled Spirits: 3,262,063
  • Wine: 4,567,998
  • Beer: 42,816,237
  • Ale: 6,744,616

According to TABC's online reports, Texans drank approximately seven million gallons less beer in May than in April.

Despite spring break trips to the Texas coast, Texans drank less alcohol in March than almost any month in 2017.

According to the TABC website, the numbers are based on tax collections by TABC.

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