Family dodges disaster when car plows through wall of house

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – A 10-year-old boy says he's grateful to be alive after a car plowed through the side of his grandmother's home and narrowly missed him.

"I just said 'I'm alive!'" Owen Eubanks said as he demonstrated the moments after the car smashed into the house. "I thought this was over, this is the end, I was going to die."

Behind a blue tarp on the corner house of Timberwild Street is what used to be Evelyn Smith's extended game room.

Smith says the silver Honda Civic that crashed through the home belonged to her friend.

"The lady who was coming to my house had turned left to park right here in front of this window, and a man coming in a big truck hit her," Smith said.

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She said the man in the truck, who lives down the street, said he didn't realize the woman was slowing down to turn. Smith's friend said she had her turn signal on.

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"I was just sitting here looking outside and that's all that I was doing and saw her get hit, and saw a car smash in the wall," Owen said.

The force of the impact pushed the car through the window, plowing down a table, couch, treadmill, refrigerator and other items.

"That was the only area that wasn't damaged," said Erin Eubanks, Owen's mother, who was tearful when she described what happened. "Very, very scary. It's very scary to think about what could have happened."

Eubanks other son was also visiting his grandmother's home, but was not in the room at the time. She lives nearby and rushed over to the house when her mother told her what happened.

The truck driver helped get the 80-year-old woman out of the Honda Civic and stayed at the scene. Everyone made it out OK.

Smith said insurance officials are looking into what happened. This isn't the first time that room has had a disaster, she said.

"I think this sucks because her house flooded twice," Owen said.

Smith's "rec room" was flooded during the Tax Day and Memorial Day floods.

"I had just finished redoing the whole room, so new Sheetrock, countertops, have to start all over again," Smith said.

Regardless, their family is just glad no one is hurt.

KPRC Channel 2 reached out to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to see if the either driver was given a citation.

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