DNA from bite leads deputies to identify suspect in 2014 robbery, assault

SPRING, Texas – DNA evidence has led Investigators to identify a man who is accused of robbing and biting a woman on the wrist three years ago in a Walmart parking lot, Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office said on Monday.

“DNA has become in the last few years has become more and more prevalent in helping us solve our cases,” explained Constable Mark Herman.

The robbery occurred in the 21100 block of Kuykendahl Road in 2014.

The woman told the constable deputies she was robbed and assaulted in the parking lot of a Walmart store while loading groceries into her car.

“In this particular case, we had a lady that was at a Walmart and her purse was basically snatched and during that process she tried to fight the suspect off by holding onto the purse and the suspect bit the victim,” explained Herman.

In the process of the robbery, she said the man bit her on the wrist.

DNA evidence from that bite was collected and sent to Harris County Institute for Forensic Science for analysis.

“We were able to get our investigators out there, take DNA swabs and here we are three years later we get a genetic hit,” explained Herman. “Now almost every one of our deputies have DNA swabs that we utilize to help solve cases, but in this particular case, we had our own DNA expert who works for us and went to the scene to retrieve the evidence.”

Based on the match, Precinct 4 investigators were able to file charges against Larry Dean Robertson Jr., 24, and release a warrant for his arrest, officials said.

DNA from the 2014 robbery was matched to a recent case in the database.

He has a warrant out for his arrest and is facing a second-degree charge of robbery and bodily injury.

Anyone who knows Robertson’s whereabouts is asked to call the Precinct 4 Constable Office at 281-376-3472, or local law enforcement.

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