Horse hauled on back of pickup truck; police reprimand driver


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Police in Ohio ‘had a talk’ with a driver previously seen transporting a horse in the back of a pickup truck, WCMH reported

Zanesville police shared a picture Sunday showing a horse in the back of a rusty pickup truck with a tailgate secured by pallets. Police said it happened earlier in the week and they were alerted to it only after seeing the picture.

A Zanesville officer spotted the truck Sunday and spoke with the driver about how to safely transport a horse in the future. He was given a warning for the horse incident.

The driver told police that he is operating a hauling business and was transporting the horse for someone else. He did not tell police where the horse is now, and police have not located the animal.

“He has been put on notice that anything that happens in the future is going to result in sanctions,” police said.

The driver was also informed that since he is running a hauling business, he is subject to commercial vehicle rules.